1989 Crown Vic Wagon

My pride and Joy. It all started with my 1st vehicle being a 89 crown vic sedan that I cared for through high school and college until its demise into a semi-truck.. After buying a house and needing a truck but not being a “truck guy” a wagon was my best bet. I thought what better than going with the platform I knew and loved best with the Panther Platform.

Looked for 3+ years until I finally found this beauty. The car’s 1st life was a school bus for a daycare in NJ where it served many miles. The owner I purchased it off of wanted to chop the back off and turn it into a Ranchero and he couldn’t put himself up to it and listed it for sale on Craigslist where I came in to buy it for under $1k and drove her home.

My dad kept some things from my 1st car that were salvageable such as the hood emblem, radio, and some engine mods that I installed on the wagon, thus bringing my old sedan back to life. The car has never let me down but always needs something to be tinkered or fixed keeping me busy. Nothing major done to it performance-wise, just want it to keep running reliably for now.

Plans for the car are to run a custom exhaust, do some minor body work, and either a wrap or paint job. Redo the interior fully custom with upholstery, headliner, carpet, etc. If the powertrain ever goes, a manual diesel is in its future. I take the car to work and home depot as needed, around to shows and meets, and just cruises on the highway.

This is more than just a car to me. More of a way to self-reflect on how far I’ve com in life, where I started, and just how much more there is to discover and travel. Thank you for reading our story and seeing my car

Jonah Hendershot

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