2016 Mazda 3 2.0L MT Hatchback AKA \”My whole paycheck\” – Update Blog

Hey everyone,

This is going to be the first of hopefully many update posts from me about my build thread!

As a TLDR, I’m working on my daily driver, a Gen 3 Mazda 3 hatchback. It doesn’t have a ton of power, but that’s not the goal of this build. I’m hoping to increase the “fun” I feel when driving this car, and bring back some speed into Zoom-Zoom.

Wish me luck on this upgrade journey, and if you see anything I should add/modify, have any questions, or just want to shoot the breeze, please let me know!



As a PS, some of my parts have started to arrive! I live close enough to a BaysonR store, so I went and picked up my spoiler the other day!

I’m still debating what exactly to do with this unpainted hunk of plastic, but I think I have it nailed down.

I decided to go with wrapping, and so I bought some kit stuff on Amazon to wrap the spoiler. It wasn’t too bad, about $70 for the tools and another $20 for two rolls of vinyl wrap from ViViD wraps. I’m debating on colors, thoughts on a white to match the wheels? Or should I go with Gloss Flip Deep Space? Colors man, colors.

Your comments are greatly appreciated!

Daniel Jacoby

Just a car guy with a non-car guy car! Modifying my Mazda 3 from 2016 to be a bit more fun on the road