A Guide on How to Modify Your Subaru WRX (2015-2021)

The year is 2015, Harambe is alive and well. People still shot on their phone in a 16:9 format because only heathens filmed vertically and there was a company that was on the verge of realizing how much fucking money there was in SUVs. The company, WAS SUBARU. And as the japanese town and country variant, known as the Outback was transcending space and time with its commercial success in the states, a man by the name of Mamoru Ishii decided it was time to evolve Subaru’s signature performance sedan. A sedan that would shake the world with its rumbles, and then their wallets approximately 90,000 miles. A sedan that would go on to be one of the last respectable climbs in turbocharged 4 cylinder cars until the Civic Type R. A car, you can hear a mile away. Today, we’re talking about HOW TO MODIFY A Subaru WRX (2015-2021)

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The Subaru WRX Story:

The Subaru WRX needs no introduction, with its practicality, functionality, and great value. Originating from a lineage that outperformed domestic manufacturers, the WRX made its mark with a symmetrical All Wheel Drive system and a boxer motor. Fast forward to the 2015 WRX, and it kicked off a new era, breaking away from the Impreza nameplate to carve its own identity.


The Mods::

Now, let’s talk about the exciting journey of modifying your Subaru WRX. However, before we dive into the specifics, if you’re a Subaru or modified car enthusiast, share your build story with us at MartiniWorks.com. We’re building a community where you can showcase your modifications, learn about compatible parts, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Step 1: Lay the Foundation – Suspension and Driver Feedback:

For those looking to make their WRX a daily driver, start by focusing on handling modifications.Sway bars, like those from Blox Racing, Whiteline, or Cobb, can enhance your driving experience. Consider upgrading to coilovers for a solid suspension improvement. We would recommend Fortune Auto for a “do it all”, or BC Racing to clean up the wheel gap at a cheaper price.

Wheels play a crucial role, and we recommend sport design wheels with features like convex spokes for brake clearance. Explore options like RPF1’s, NT03’s, or Gram Light 57CR’s for a perfect fit. You can find these wheels and more on MartiniWorks.com.

subaru wrx martiniworks

Step 2: The Tune Zone – Proceed with Caution:

Entering the Tune Zone requires careful consideration. Subaru WRX platforms are sensitive to modifications, especially in terms of cooling and oil. Avoid hasty decisions; modifying with parts that require a tune without a scheduled and paid-for tune can lead to issues. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to reliability on these platforms. Subaru WRX’s are finicky, and throwing a ton of sh!* on them to make them 450 horsepower is the fastest way to blow them up. Also, be weary of classifieds purchases that are too good to be true; there were defective blocks from 2012-2016 due to the tsunamis ANYWAY.

Step 3: Maintenance is Key:

The best-modified Subaru is a well-maintained Subaru. While looks are important, ignoring basic maintenance can lead to issues down the road. Take care of carbon build-up, misfire issues, and other maintenance tasks before diving into extensive modifications.

subaru wrx martiniworks


In conclusion, modifying a 2015 Subaru WRX is an art that requires a balance of basic maintenance and carefully chosen upgrades. For daily drivability and a sleek look, focus on suspension, wheels, and a catback exhaust. If you’re venturing into high-performance modifications, approach it with caution, ensuring proper tuning and maintenance. Mod your car at www.martiniworks.com

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