Are Fortune Auto Coilovers Good?

Are Fortune Auto Coilovers Good? 

If you are reading this article odds are you are trying to decide on a new set of aftermarket suspension for your car. And let me first say, good on you for actually doing your research and not just pulling the trigger on the cheapest set of coilovers. I like you already. In today’s world of aftermarket suspension the options are seemingly endless when it comes to how many brands are out there, and it can sometimes be difficult to understand what sets them all apart from each other. Well, we are here to help out and answer the question; Are Fortune Auto Coilovers Good? 

Craftsmanship and Build Quality

It should go without saying that suspension is an integral part of your car. Whether you are looking for performance and ways to shave off 10ths of a second or are just looking to slam it on the ground, it is something you want to be confident in. Fortune Auto understands this and it can be seen in their craftsmanship and build quality that they put into every set of coilovers. Not only is every set of coilovers hand built in the United States, but they also utilize high quality components. Such as Koyo Japan Radial bearing mounts, 6061 forged aluminum, and back milled aluminum components to save on weight. You will know a set of Fortune Auto coils when you see them. Distinguishable by their bright green top hats and locking collars. And even though these will be tucked up into the wheel wells of your car, it’s nice to know they look great. 


Customization Options

The team at Fortune Auto understands that every driver has unique preferences when it comes to their suspension and how their vehicle handles. Not to mention the variety of ways that coilovers can be used. Because of this, Fortune Auto offers an array of customization options for their coilovers. Custom valving, spring rates, swift springs, and the ability to upgrade to a 2-way adjustable canister are just some of the customization options that Fortune Auto offers you. They want to make sure that your next set of coilover are going to be perfect, which is why they are willing to help you every step of the way to make sure they are set up for your exact needs. One of the ways they do this is with their questionnaire you can fill out on their website which goes over things such as; What type of roads does your car normally drive on? What size wheels are you running? Does your car have an engine swap? Anything that could possibly have an effect on how your coilovers will be built. 

Performance and Modularity 

With everything listed so far it shouldn’t be a surprise that Fortune Auto has become one of the go to brands for performance applications on and off the track. Catering to pretty much any type of motorsport enthusiast with their different series of coilovers. Starting with the Fortune Auto 500 series coilovers, you get a coilover system that is packed with features and components that some brands only offer in their “Top of the line” system. The “Entry Level” coilover from Fortune Auto features a digressive high flow piston, chrome silicon springs, and locking spring perches, and 24 step adjustable dampers. If that wasn’t enough your set of 500 series coilovers can always be upgraded to their 510 series which gives you a concave flow digressive piston that was specifically developed for the track. Fortune Autos modular coilovers allow for not only a variety of customization, but the ability to upgrade your coilovers down the road if you would like. 

Durability and Longevity

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. But you know what helps? A company that offers the ability for your custom built coilovers to be rebuilt. Fortune Auto coilovers are built with longevity in mind. The use of high-quality materials, corrosion resistant coatings, and a highly engineered construction, contributes to the overall durability of these coilovers. But when the time comes you have the ability to rebuild and even upgrade your suspension if you would like. If that wasn’t enough you can always rely on the 5 year limited warranty that comes with their 500 and 510 series coilovers. 


If you were to take our word for it (which you probably should) we would argue that Fortune Auto offers some of the best solutions for aftermarket suspension in today’s market. The entire MartiniWorks team has had first hand experience with Fortune Auto coilovers and myself, along with Dakota and Alex trust them on our own vehicles to get the job done. So are Fortune Auto coilovers good? Absolutely. Everyone has their own individual preferences, driving style, and of course budget which of course can play a factor into your own experience with a set of Fortune Auto coilovers. However, if you are seeking a high-quality suspension that delivers both on the track and on the street, Fortune Auto is worth serious consideration. 

Alexander Gelina

Alex Gelina "Also Known as Gels"