Are General G-MAX RS Good Tires?

Nowadays there are a lot of different tire manufacturers out there, and with so many different options, we wanted to start testing them out to find our favorites. We have been having a lot of fun with the Michelin Pilot 4s and Continental ExtremeContact Sport 02’s, but what about something that is a little more budget friendly? Our biggest concern about cutting costs is cutting performance. The General G-MAX RS on paper looks good, claiming to be an “ excellent, summer ultra-high performance tire for passenger cars and crossovers”.  It also boasts on keeping performance while having a long lasting treadwear. Coming in at its price point, we’d be lying if we weren’t a little skeptical about it. Nonetheless, we went to US Air Motorsports Raceway with an A90 Toyota Supra and a fresh pair of General G-Max RS tires to unbiasedly do a comparison of that classic, “Cheap vs Expensive Tires”.

Comparing ExtremeContact Sport 02’s Vs. General G-Max RS Tires

So the General G-MAX RS isn’t exactly “cheap”, but it is more affordable than its competitor like the Continental ExtremeContact Sport 02. Comparing a 19in 305 like on the rear of the Supra, you’re looking at roughly $390 a tire for the ECS02, and around $309 for the G-Max RS. Saving around $80 a tire makes a big difference when picking up 4, so it definitely is worth checking to see if the performance gets slashed as much as the price. At USAir, we had the G-Max RS paired with some Apex SM-10Rs forged wheels and compared them to the ECS02 on a set of Volk TE37’s. A comparable set up being tried back to back in the same day to get as close to similar conditions as we could. We ran the ECS02’s first, and they performed as we are used to. 

When cold, the rear end of the car likes to be a little tail happy, but once up to temp these tires perform phenomenal and we have been really impressed. Allowing us to feel confident as a driver, and allowing the car to do what the car does best; make us smile from ear to ear. We averaged a 39.07 between laps on the short track layout we were running. 

Getting Hands On With the General G-MAX RS

We swapped over the wheels and instantly got to cooking with the G-MAX RS. First impressions: “Wow, this is actually pretty similar”. However, after getting over the initial fear of flooring it into a turn on a set of tires you never ran, we started pushing them a bit harder. Once we did this, we could start noticing the difference between tires, but it wasn’t as much night and day like we expected. The car gripped well, but was more tail happy coming out of each turn. It was 100% controllable, but we did notice some more sliding than the ECS02. Each lap was consistent with the last, and still gave me confidence as a driver. I always felt in control, and was having just as much fun ripping these through each turn. But, the numbers don’t lie. We averaged a 41.49 coming in 2.42 seconds slower than our average with the ECS02. It’s easy to come to the conclusion that the sliding ate up time, even if it was having a bit more fun.

Is It Ok To Buy Cheap Tires?

Is a 6% difference in performance worth almost $100, or 20% cheaper a tire? I suppose it depends on what you’re after. For someone who spends their days on the track chasing tenths of seconds, it absolutely is. For the average joe who takes their car to work and likes to have some fun on a spirited drive home on a Friday getting ready for the weekend, probably not so much. In my opinion I love the ExtremeContact Sport 02’s, but wouldn’t think twice about picking up a set of the General G-Max RS again. I’m personally not one who is going to the track every single weekend, and spend more time enjoying my car on the streets where I believe these tires shine. 

Daily Driving With the G-MAX RS

Outside of the track, we had the opportunity to take the car down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for SlammedEnuff. This was actually a great opportunity to push these tires in a new way. Highway driving these tires felt great, and had minimal road noise. Didn’t think twice about them on the 12 hour drive down. During that drive, we also hit some insane rain. I’m talking about some white knuckling the steering wheel, wipers on full blast, can’t see 10 yards in front of me rain. I instantly thought about the new tires, and was nervous about how’d they handle these wet conditions, especially since I could see water pooling on the road quickly. In past experiences, I’ve had performance tires that were great in the dry, and became a death trap in the wet. My jaw dropped; The tires did a fantastic job, and I never once felt uneasy about traction or hydroplaning the car. Being in a RWD coupe, it can be a little nerve racking in heavy rain, but I had all the confidence in the world and made it down to Tennessee even beating the GPS estimated time (Every car enthusiast’s real goal). Once down, we took the car into the smoky mountains and had an absolute riot carving up the twists and turns instead of the 80 miles of straight road we are used to in Wisconsin. The entire trip the tires were fantastic and I was thrilled with how they performed overall. This is what I could tell the tires are meant for. Having a performance car that you daily drive.

An Ultra-High Performance Tire at a Good-Affordable Price


In conclusion, the General G-MAX RS tires prove to be a budget-friendly option that offers a compelling mix of performance and versatility. While they may not match the high-end Continental ExtremeContact Sport 02 in terms of track performance, the difference in lap times, roughly 6%, might not justify the significantly higher cost. For those who occasionally indulge in spirited driving on the streets and enjoy the thrill of their daily commute, the G-MAX RS provides a commendable balance of grip and control.

Our experience at US Air Motorsports Raceway showcased that, despite a slight difference in lap times, the General G-MAX RS tires delivered a confident and enjoyable driving experience. They maintained grip, even if they were a bit more tail-happy, providing a predictable and controllable ride. The G-MAX RS shines for the average driver who doesn’t frequent the racetrack but appreciates having fun during their daily drives.

Beyond the track, our journey to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, further highlighted the versatility of these tires. They excelled on the highway, offering a comfortable and quiet ride, even during heavy rain. The tires exhibited exceptional wet-weather performance, providing confidence and safety in challenging conditions. Additionally, they proved to be well-suited for carving up winding mountain roads, showing their capability for those who daily drive performance vehicles.

In the end, the General G-MAX RS tires may not match the absolute top-tier performance of more expensive options, but they strike an excellent balance between affordability, versatility, and driving pleasure. If you’re a car enthusiast who values both spirited driving and everyday practicality, the G-MAX RS is a smart choice that won’t break the bank. So, is it okay to buy cheap tires? In this case, for many, the answer is a resounding “As long as you get them from MartinWorks”

Dakota Stone

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