Are Lowering Springs Still Relevant in 2023?

Coilover Supremacy

When it comes to lowering your car’s ride height, going with an aftermarket coilover suspension system is arguably the most common solution. You have powerhouses such as Fortune Auto and BC Racing that make a coilover system for pretty much any vehicle out there. Giving you the opportunity to completely refresh your vehicle’s suspension with brand new components and give you a ton of adjustability. And while coilovers often steal the spotlight about suspension modifications, it begs the question. Are lowering springs still worth it? 

Looking Good on a Budget

It goes without saying that swapping out your stock coil springs for a set of aftermarket lowering springs is the most affordable way of lowering your ride height. (Unless of course your car has factory air suspension that you can trick with a set of lowering links.) Since a set of lowering springs will typically cost you about ⅓ that of a set of coilovers, they provide a budget friendly alternative for those looking to get a lowered look for their car.

Preserving Factory Technology

With vehicle manufacturers introducing more technology as new cars come out, OEM suspension can come with quite a few features. Magnetic ride control is one of those features that has found its way into many modern vehicles, including enthusiast centered cars. Cars like the Chevy Camaro and the A90 Toyota Supra both feature this type of technology. This allows the damping of the suspension to be adjusted on the go by switching between modes inside the car. When going with a lowering spring over a complete coilover replacement, you are able to retain this technology and potentially save yourself some extra cash since you won’t have to purchase additional cancellers to trick your vehicle’s system into thinking the OEM suspension is still in the car.

Are Lowering Springs Still Worth it?
So are lowering springs still worth it? Absolutely! Lowering springs are still a viable budget friendly way of lowering your car. Companies such as Tein, Eibach, and H&R offer a wide range of options for pretty much any vehicle on the market. Even better, we carry all of these brands so you can lower your car without breaking the bank.

Alexander Gelina

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