Car Trends We’d Like to Leave in 2023

If you could leave one car trend behind, what would it be? For us, there are a few standout contenders that we’d gladly see out the door. 

The Excess of Forged Carbon Fiber

First on the grill is the growing fascination with forged carbon fiber in the car scene. For instance, going to a car show has become littered with Mark V Supras and other platforms covered in this shattered carbon look.. You’ll see vents, covers, entire engine bays, lips, hoods, and pretty much any removable part getting the forged carbon overlay treatment.

There’s also a slightly heartbreaking side to this trend – the staggering cost. Factoring in the thousands of dollars spent, plus other associated costs like labor, makes the epitome of excess that this brings unsettling.

Here’s the catch. You do one piece; it drags you into doing the rest. And when you do big pieces, it obscures the body lines and general aesthetics.

One beauty of customizing cars is the deliberate and subtle use of materials and parts in a way that enhances, not overshadows, the car’s appeal. Our verdict? Less is more when installing  forged carbon fiber – use sparingly!

The Chameleon Wrap Manslaugther

Choosing a vibrant car wrap can be a thrilling change. However, in recent times, the chameleon wrap popularity seems to have spiraled out of control. We’ve all seen those cars at events, wrapped in a chameleon color that changes in different lights.

While this was novel at first, it has quickly become overdone, crossing deep into commonness. The dynamic color changes, once a marvel, have now drowned the appreciation for other modifications on the car.

Pearlescent wraps, maybe. But full-blown chameleon wraps need a break. As we would fondly advise, “Save the chameleons for chameleons!”

Wide Wheels…On Stock Engines?

The fantasy of wide-bodied cars and their accompanying wide-wheels is embedded in us from childhood. There’s something undeniably sleek about cars that tickle right at the edges of a lane. However, like most fantasies, the reality can be a tough pill to swallow.

We’ve seen recent trends of enormous, wider-than-normal wheel setups coupled with stock engines. Fraternity of chameleon wrap aside, this matchup scarcely gets points in reliability, fuel efficiency, and overall performance.

The problem lies in the aggressive breadth some car owners slam on their vehicles – in many cases, resulting in a heavyweight with minimal power backing.

To anyone contemplating going super-wide on wheels, we say

“For every half an inch above your stock wheel width, add 30 more horsepower. Throw in a few performance mods to balance it out.”

This scales back the potential for a regrettable driving experience and proffers a more wholesome customization approach.

Mod Your Car at MartiniWorks

It’s one thing to hear our take, and it’s another thrilling experience to hear yours! Share with us your thoughts on car trends that you think should stay in 2023. What customization are you tired of seeing? And if you have plans to do any modifications in the coming year, what will they be?

One final thing. If you’re looking for high-quality, reliable car parts for your ride, we have a great collection at MartiniWorks. And, no, we don’t sell forged carbon.

Till next time, Adios!

Dakota Stone

I like to slappa da wheel. Also, I drive a 2020 Toyota Supra. No, its not manual. The engine is from BMW.