My Review of BBS Unlimited With The Ferrari F430

In early 2023, BBS-USA and AlexMartini partnered up to install the new BBS Unlimited system on a 2007 Ferrari F430. Shortly thereafter, the system was put through its paces by competing in an upcoming show “Banging Gears” where the car was track & drag raced at the famous Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We’ll let Alex take it from here on the program and his experience with the BBS Unlimited System.

What is BBS Unlimited?

BBS Unlimited is a wheel system that uses the highest quality components to provide unlimited fit, unlimited style, and unlimited value for nearly all vehicle platforms. Through the use of a hub adapter system, the BBS Unlimited system mates perfectly for every type of fitment possible.

The BBS Unlimited program features 10 various hub adapters in various widths across bolt patterns from 5×100 to 5×130. With adapter sizes varying from 14mm to 50mm, the adapter uniquely mates to the BBS-specific 5×117.5 bolt pattern wheel that’s offered in 3 profiles or concavities.

Martiniworks AlexMartini Ferrari F430 BBS Unlimited

Installation of BBS Unlimited On Ferrari F430

The Ferrari F430 uses a 5×108 bolt pattern and to find a wheel setup that could accommodate the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2’s in a short time frame was nearly impossible. We needed proper wheel fitment that didn’t sacrifice functionality. After a complete wheel search, I worked with BBS to try out their new BBS Unlimited System. Simply put, it was incredible. 

We installed the BBS Unlimited System with 17mm front adapters and 20mm rear adapters to achieve a similar fitment to a 20×9 & 20×12. Our fronts used a #1 profile with a #2 rear profile. The wheels we chose were the BBS CI-R in Indigo Blue with floating center caps and titanium hardware. There were quite a few custom wheel colors to choose from, but the indigo blue color was the perfect wheel style for the colorway we were going for. 

245-30 and 325-25 Tires 

AlexMartini Installing BBS Unlimited Wheel Program on his Junkyard Ferrari F430 Youtube build for Banging Gears AlexMartini Installing BBS Unlimited Wheel Program on his Junkyard Ferrari F430 Youtube build for Banging Gears AlexMartini Installing BBS Unlimited Wheel Program on his Junkyard Ferrari F430 Youtube build for Banging Gears AlexMartini Junkyard Ferrari F430 Banging Gears BBS Unlimited Install

I was impressed with how well labeled everything was. From the centering rings to the adapter size, each item needed to make the system work was appropriately labeled and easy to understand. A simple example of this is how BBS Unlimited made their centering rings “snap” into place vs. just sliding in. This small, but important detail helped us quickly install the rings correctly and without issues. My real experience with this was awesome. 

BBS Unlimited Partnership with AlexMartini

Aftermarket 2007 Ferrari F430 With BBS Wheels

The wheels performed flawlessly; as expected. Once we arrived to the track we did a quick torque down to ensure everything was set to go. While it’s recommended to remove the center caps, we had no issues taking the car on the track with them on and ran about 15 fast laps without issues. 

My favorite part of the BBS Unlimited System was the ability to change out the adapters if there were to be an issue. We had access to adapters in various widths to make adjustments on the fly for the track and suspension geometry.


AlexMartini MartiniWorks Ferrari Junkyard F430 MrjWW

Would I Recommend BBS Wheels?

It’s simple to say yes here, but I have always been someone who won’t endorse something if I don’t actually like it and I gotta say, I love this. The program requires a bit more knowledge for installation but if you take your time to read the information provided, its easier than getting an alignment; seriously. The BBS CI-R’s will live on the car as the track set of wheels for the 2023 season onward and I look forward to all the incredible things this program will be able to do for you.



Looking to get a set of BBS Wheels? MartiniWorks is an official distributor of their entire lineup including their forged line, Unlimited line, and performance line! Shoot us an email at help@martiniworks.com for a quote.

Alex Martinez

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