The struggles …thoughts of a car guy from austria

The struggles

Being a car guy is often a not so pleasant thing.. the cost of a garage or just a place to store your car the cost of parts and the social cost.. being a car guy has a social stigma ..on the one hand your family thinks you are irresponsible with money your none carguy friends think you are irresponsible with time and the public thinks you are irresponsible with the planet and life on it.. why do we do this? Just for sticking out of the crowd with a cool looking car? Or a loud car? Or being the fastest? Faster than who? The grandma in her 200 hp stock minivan to the next red light? Faster than publictransport to the store?.. it all seems pretty pointless if you think about it .. if you are not doing it for you you are in a bad spot.. because if you do something cool with your means of transportation and think you get anything else than a wierd look of the gerneral public you are dead wrong.. only the car crowd only those that are in the know will see what and why .. and sometimes not even they understand your vision


I can only tell from my point of view and that may be not very acurate with the way it is in the U.S. but in Austria you are in for a wild ride when you are into cars … When you get your licence at 18 years old you are on 3 years of probaition where you can get your licence taken for minor things like going 20 kmh over the limit in the city 30kmh on the autobahn and you have to have 0.0 at all times regarding alcohol .. (in Austria you are allowed to drink beer and wine at 16) when it comes to building your car the way you like it it gets way more complicated .. the general sense is every modification you do on a registered vehicle must be inspected by the state you live in .. so gining on fb martins place or ebay and order those sick wheels and slaping them on your car aitn going to be that easy .. i mean you can but if you get stopped by police and they see that they can if they think the car is unsafe with that wheel and tyre combo take your plates witch means your car stays wherever its at and you have to get a tow truck and get it home that way .. and the only way to get them back is to get your car inspected by the state .. with is only possible in one place where you cant get without a tow truck or a trailer because you have no plates .. and you cant just get new ones because your vin is blocked .. just for such a small thing as wheels and tyres .. if they dont take your plates you get a fine and a order of inspection where you have to drive to that place on your own .. if not done within 3 months they come and take them anyways.. so there is no getting away from that .. and the best part is .. your wheels that you want to put on your car .. they have to have some form of legal document that they can be installed on your kind of car with a specific tyre size .. if you dont have that they cant be inspected and be aproved.. same for every part you want to install .. so why do we still do that .. because its cool to know that you did all that that you rode into battle just to do your thing and have it your own way

Daniel Neuhold