17 Infiniti Q60 RS

Post By: Erick Hugo

Date: 06/21/2023

The Story

1st car I bought after I graduated college and got a job. I've always been a Nissan Infiniti fan boy, and I found this car by chance right before covid had shut everything down. It was an impulse buy, simply because it was at such a good price. From there, I've built for car as a daily that can hit the track on occasion!

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Ray Gram Lights 57dr 19x10.5 +35
  • Suspension: RSR Best-i Coilovers, Z1 aluminum subframe collars, Z1 Control Arms, Hotchkiss Rear Sway bar
  • Tires: Firehawk Indy 500 (275/35r19)
  • Performance: Z1 Intakes, Ark CBE, HKS LDPs, AMS LPFP, 93 Ecutek Tune