1964 Dodge D100 – “DAAAAMN”- build in progress

Post By: Cryptonym

Date: 02/24/2024

The Story

Build concept:
Full Custom 1964 Dodge D100 build that combines function and form with power and performance to create a unique daily driver that stands out from the norm including a Hellcat supercharged Hemi engine, custom chassis/suspension, interior, four-wheel disc brakes and 20x9 front/22x10.5 rear wheels.

Cover Image: One of three 3D rendered pictures of the final custom build design i had created by the team at Street Machine Garage on the Gold Coast

The Backstory:
The project was sparked by inspiration from a YouTube video of a lowered, semi-custom 1963-1965 Dodge D100, and the desire to create a fully custom version of my own.
Living in Australia, sourcing the desired vehicle was challenging, but over the years I found a few good candidates in the USA.

Unfortunately, my children's health issues came to the fore and rightly took financial and time focus, so I left the idea on the back burner but kept my eye on what was out there.

Fast forward 2019 and the decision to build my disabled adult children (son 27 and daughter 26 ) a house on the same block of land as my house became the priority to give them their own little house while still remaining close for us to support them.

But wouldn’t you know it, halfway through the house build i get an alert on Facebook marketplace saying there was 1964 Dodge D100 for sale with no engine/trans/interior (IDEALY EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED) for an amazingly good price....and the icing on the cake was it was in Australia....25 km from my home...so no importing hassles/costs/approvals were ZERO.

So obviously I was excited but we still had half the bills left to pay on the “kids” house build.
I mentioned it to my wife, with little to no hope of a positive answer, and then my beautiful, wonderful wife said we couldn’t let this get away and if it was in the condition I wanted after an inspection, to get it and we would make it work financially.

So we got the truck…in the following state.
(see attached pictures labeled "original condition")
....no engine
....no trans
....no interior

Then covid hit ….and work exploded, as I work for a medical company as a remote technical consultant (meaning I already worked from home).
Due to the increase in hours and the inability to travel anywhere we found our outgoings were reduced and so I was able to start saving with a little more speed.

The Build:
After keeping the vehicle in my garage for a year to finish off the kids house build i began saving for the custom build and once I had enough of the money put aside I started the project in phases.

Phase One (Current Phase) includes:
....An all new CAD designed chassis, including static IFS front-end and triangulated four-link rear suspension with all stainless steel A-arms and bars,
....Custom 9" differential,
....Viking double-adjustable coil-over shocks,
....14" drilled and slotted Wilwood brakes,
....Stripping the cab of glass, wiring, and other parts to be mounted on a rotisserie for sandblasting.
....Sandblast and Epoxy prime and deoxy the cab/bed/body panels,
....Cutting a hole in the rear bed floor to level off the tray.
....Fit body to chassis for stance/fitment optimisation

Phase Two will include:
....Body/Bed rust repair and customization,
....Fit/Install turn key engine/trans package.
....Install wiring

Phase Three will include:
....Interior selection and installation.
....Full rewiring

Phase Four will include:
....Full disassembly paint and reassembly

The build is a slow work in progress, with a couple more years of planning and execution with the help of the Street Machine Garage team on the Gold Coast to assist with the build.

My dream is the final result will be a high-performance custom-built vehicle that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also a functional daily driver.

As a personal touch from my wonderful wife, I was gifted my dream personalized number plate "DAAAAMN" for my 50th birthday 2 years ago.

For more pictures see link below to the MartiniWorks Discord for my thread

Current Setup

  • Suspension: Viking double-adjustable coil-over shocks
  • Suspension: static IFS front-end and triangulated four-link rear suspension
  • Suspension: 14" drilled and slotted Wilwood brakes
  • Wheels: Hussla 20x9 front/22x10.5 rear wheels.