1968 Triumph Spitfire “Ol’ Red”

Post By: Tomas C

Date: 05/05/2023

The Story

Oldest car in the website so far, rare enough that I have to put it as a Toyota because there's no option for Triumph. Got this thing from a guy in town, probably overpaid a bit, but it was running, and it was pre-1975, so no smog. I always wanted a project car, and even though I wanted a golden era muscle, I settled for this, and it came with a 38 DGAS carb so it was pretty cool. Immediately stopped running because of a rusty gas tank and rusty fuel in the engine. After a month, gave up on cleaning the gas tank and bought an aluminum one. Bought a new carburetor gasket cause the last one was nasty, tuned it, and now she runs like a dream, all 80 something hp being delivered through a barely running tranny that I've gotta fix up on top of all the electrical and interior.

Current Setup

  • Performance: 38 DGAS 2-barrel carburetor
  • Wheels: Oldsmobile hubcaps
  • Tires: One back tire (messed up the other one trying to get it off)
  • Interior: Wooden dash (last one sat under continuous rain for 3 weeks)
  • Exterior: LED headlights
  • Performance: 140 amp alternator and custom bracket for it
  • Performance: Aluminum gas tank
  • Performance: 3 fuel filters (making real sure that fuel stays clean after all the troubles from rusty fuel)

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: Transmission (2nd gear hard to shift into, probably broken synchro)
  • Exterior: Cherry red paint job
  • Interior: Sound system (radio, speakers, subs)
  • Interior: Gauges
  • Performance: Electrical system (wire up everything that doesn't work, double check everything that does)
  • Interior: Door and trunk locks