1977 Camasupra

Post By: Tapio Laaninen

Date: 06/19/2023

The Story

What you are looking at is an 1977 chevy camaro with an forged 1.5JZ putting down 759whp thru bmw 6-speed manual, there's really no quick way of telling the story about this car but I'll try. Back in 2011 I took a ride in my friends R32 gtr skyline with +600hp setup, it was the first fast 6-cylinder I had ever experienced and I was instantly hooked. Being 19 years old and just bought this camaro year before I had no money to buy actual skyline or supra. Being young and naive my understanding about car building was based solely (and falsely) on shows like MTVs Pimp my ride so I without any hesitation I thought I should just do an turbo inline 6 swap on my camaro, how hard or expensive could that be! I bought an 1jz-gte and r154 from a friend of a friend and thought I'll had it driving before the snow melts, turned out the reality wasn't anything like the pimp my ride had shown me.. It took me 5 years and lots of trial and error to actually get the car "ready" and driving for the first time and total of 12 years to get it in it's current version. I never had clear plans for it but I'm certain it was never supposed to end up this good. For me it's never been about the clout, fame or car show success, it's been about doing every possible thing the DIY way and learning as I go. I remember having like 5 different exhaust on the car before I actually drove it since I wanted to try out something different each time. Only outsourced things on this car are the Anvil auto rear spoiler, painting of the car and aluminum welding. Everything from metal work, body work, fiberglass parts, carbon fiber parts, electronics, stainless welding, ecu installation, roll cage, wiring etc is diy because the constant learning is the thing that drives my passion. With clear, thought out plans and more outsourced work/parts this car would have been way different way sooner but for me personally the process of building the car is far more important than having/driving a built car.

Current Setup

  • Performance: Forged 2jz bottom end
  • Performance: Ported 1jz-gte head with Kelford 264/272 cams and supertech hardware
  • Performance: Stainless steel manifold and Holset PRO52 turbo
  • Performance: 4,5\" SS downpipe with 2x3\" exhaust
  • Performance: Maxxecu street ecu, bosch 2200cc injectors on E85
  • Wheels: SSR SP4 F18x9.5 +5mm, R18x10.5 -8
  • Tires: Westlake Sport RS semis F235/40 R285/35
  • Suspension: Full hotchkis suspension
  • Suspension: C6 Z06 brake calipers + discs
  • Suspension: C7 Z06 front hubs
  • Exterior: Modified Vertex side skirts from lexus SC
  • Exterior: DIY carbon front spoiler
  • Exterior: Trucklite led head lamps
  • Exterior: Trackspec motorsport hood vents + aerocatch latches
  • Exterior: emblem and trim delete
  • Exterior: Front fenders widened 1\" per side
  • Exterior: 3D printed turn signals behind custom grille
  • Exterior: bumper shaved, painted and tucked
  • Exterior: Anvil Auto carbon fiber 3-piece spoiler
  • Performance: BMW ZF 6-speed manual transmission with tilton 3-disc clutch and billet flywheel
  • Performance: Shaftmasters 3.5\" driveshaft
  • Performance: Eaton truetrac LSD, tenfactory axle shafts, perfect launch pre-loading rear cover , 3.08 ratio.
  • Interior: Custom rear seat delete
  • Interior: Sparco fire supression system
  • Interior: Mirco RTS FIA approved seats
  • Interior: Sparco 4-point harness
  • Interior: drift spec roll cage
  • Interior: All controls converted to billet automotive push buttons
  • Interior: sequential shift light
  • Interior: Powertune digital dash


Tapio Laaninen