1979 AMC Spirit AMX

Post By: Carter Edwards

Date: 07/06/2023

The Story

This is my 1979 AMC Spirit AMX that's currently undergoing a "Spiritual Revival." This car is not only my first ever project car but also my first ever car in general. I've always had a love for the oddballs of the automotive world so, when the opportunity presented itself, I didn't think twice about buying this car. Only 750 304ci V8 AMXs were ever made and even fewer of those were painted in the rare Wedgewood Blue. Unfortunately, it hasn't had an easy life. The car seems to have been thrashed pretty hard by a previous owner and even put in a ditch before being left abandoned in a field. As far as I can tell it hasn't seen the road since 1999. The game plan for the Spirit is this; Step 1: Fix it up and make it a nice reliable daily. Step 2: Upgrade the performance and handling and turn the car into a nice weekend warrior that I can Track/Autocross occasionally. I'm not rich and I'm definitely not a mechanic so don't expect a quick turnaround. I'm here to enjoy my hobby and teach myself mechanics along the way. It'll certainly be an adventure.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: 5x4.5 Bolt Pattern 14" E-T IV Slotted Mags on a Staggered Setup
  • Tires: Dry rotted BF Goodrich Tires it came with
  • Interior: See through floors courtesy of Mother Nature
  • Suspension: Sketchy Chopped Front Springs done by previous owner in the '90s
  • Performance: Dual Exhaust installed by previous owner in the '90s
  • Exterior: Front Bumper Delete
  • Performance: Smog Delete

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: Make the car a reliable and road worthy daily before anything fun
  • Performance: New Gas Tank
  • Exterior: Rust Repair
  • Performance: Manual Transmission Swap
  • Suspension: Control Freak Coilover Conversion
  • Suspension: Better Sway Bars
  • Performance: Anything I can do to get more than the stock 125hp out of this V8
  • Performance: 4 Barrel Carburetor
  • Performance: New Headers and Exhaust
  • Exterior: Reinstall Factory Fender Flares and Front Lip
  • Exterior: SEV Marchal Foglights (Because "Race Car")


Carter Edwards

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