1983 Porsche 944 – “Rosa”

Post By: Jake Glezen

Date: 01/04/2024

The Story

So I am 24 years old and I have always loved Porsches, and even though it’s not the most universally loved or recognized I love the 80s transaxels like the 944 and 928. The 944 in particular has been my dream car for years. I recently made just enough money to even think about buying one, and it was really close whether or not I was going to be able to get one so my best friend and I actually decided to buy this together. I got it for real cheap since it wasn’t running And it has been the best decision I’ve ever made. The engine needed a little bit of work, but nothing too crazy just replacing two faulty lifters. Then beyond that we needed to do fuel pump and fuel filter, and it started right up after sitting for close to 15 years. Tooke us a couple weeks waiting for parts but once we got it running, it has been running very strong with almost no issues. The goal for this build is to have it be a fun daily drivable car that I can also take to the track or auto cross if I want to. Right now performance wise it’s mostly stock other than an intake, which is not really a cold air and it’s really just there to be easier to work on since the stock air boxes are a giant pain in the ass and need to come off for literally any engine maintenance. Eventually maybe a turbo but the stock power is fun for what its intent is - a lightweight, incredibly well balanced car that can be driven hard. Plus the engine that I have in my spec is not a tremendously promising contender for forced induction. That said the top half of the engine in the turbo models make it much more sustainable to turbo. Otherwise, we’re gonna lower it slightly and make it a OEM plus type build. The build will definitely play off the German factory esthetics as well as relying on the aggressively Italian mods to give it a unique blend of different Euro flavors. I want to eventually do some cosmetic work on the body but for now it’s pretty stock I’m going with the Dansk exhaust because it is the best tone and its very easy to get to the point where the volume is overwhelming in the cabin of these cars. I’ve heard that Dansk makes great exhaust for these and I think that’s where I’m headed. I'm going with MOMO wheels because they can be any 5 bolt pattern and 5x130 is extremely hard to come by, plus I think they simply look super clean. I love this car so much. It has the best driving feel of any car I’ve ever driven and it has unbelievable handling characteristics. I feel so connected to the road. I would love to hear what anybody has to say in terms of talking about these cars because I think they’re under appreciated and incredibly special plus, in my opinion it’s pretty much the best driving experience that you can reliably get for under $10,000 on a clean example.

Current Setup

  • Interior: Momo quick release Mod.07
  • Performance: Spectre cold air intake
  • Performance: Only944 Short shift kit
  • Performance: Only944 Throttle response cam
  • Performance: Hawk performance brake kit
  • Exterior: Only944 Smoked lighting lenses

Planned Upgrades

  • Suspension: Sway bars from 944 Turbo
  • Exterior: Bespoke diffuser
  • Interior: MOMO Supercup racing seats
  • Wheels: MOMO Heritage 6 wheels 17x8
  • Tires: Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 Plus 235/45 R17


Jake Glezen

24 year old service member, astrophysics student and Porsche enthusiast. Restoring and building a 1983 Porsche 944, which happens to be my dream car, with my best friend. I know the best canyon roads in the Boulder CO area and am the tallest car enthusiast you know.