1984 Nissan 300zx turbo

Post By: Matthew Medina

Date: 02/26/2024

The Story

Bought this right after totaling my 03 eclipse, drove a combined 8 hours to pick up the car and test drove it about 50ft before buying it. A little bit of PNW rust but for 3k it was worth it. Planning on making it an OEM+ build but all that’s on hold till I get the transmission rebuilt. It’s not a lot but it’s awesome to see there’s still a place to share this build with, aiming for summer of 2024 to get it running and starting the build 🤘 BREAKING NEWS: the time has come, finally manual swapping the z, already started removing pieces from both my car and the donor car. Updates will come

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Set of aftermarket wheels from a brand I’ve never heard of
  • Exterior: NGK plugs and wires
  • Exterior: Sandblasted intake cover
  • Performance: Dual tip hks exhaust from what I can tell


Matthew Medina