1986 Nissan 300zx (Raijin)

Post By: Morgan Cummins

Date: 06/06/2023

The Story

4th z31 I've owned. Fell in love with the first one that I was going to fix and flip. Found an awesome chassis and decided to go all the way and see what I could do with my skills and experience.

Current Setup

  • Performance: Forged wiseco pistons
  • Performance: Eagle rods
  • Performance: Isky 280/280 485/485 cams
  • Performance: Ferrea +1mm super alloy valves
  • Performance: Schneider 110lb valve springs
  • Performance: Pucker factory pass log manifold
  • Performance: Vs racing 67/62 turbo mirrored
  • Performance: Clean injection fuel rails
  • Performance: Injector dynamics 1050cc injectors
  • Performance: Gram fpr
  • Performance: Mega squirt goldbox ecu
  • Performance: FSG adjustable cam gears
  • Performance: LS coils and maxima intake
  • Performance: Z32 f30a transmission
  • Performance: Maxima fidanza flywheel
  • Performance: Arp head studs, mainstuds, exhaust studs, flywheel bolts
  • Performance: Ported oil pump
  • Performance: Custom cam and crank trigger
  • Performance: 3d printed distributor delete plug
  • Wheels: Varrstoen 18\" 9.5w front and 10.5w rear wheels


Morgan Cummins