1987 BMW 327i

Post By: Jonah Lee

Date: 07/06/2023

The Story

This is my 1987 (almost turbo) Bmw E30. It is a stroker build from a 325e and is my first major build. I am 17 and relying on youtube and friends to get through my project and having the best time doing it. I bought the car in september of 2020 with funds from the previous year and after a few cosmetic and interior mods, decided to straight up tear the thing apart. Hoping to get this beast running around 450 whp by the end of the year.

Current Setup

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: Turbo setup


Jonah Lee

Ive been into cars since I could remember. It was something different from my parents and I don't quite know where I got it. Before even getting my lisence I spent my life savings on my Bmw E30. I continue to do so lol. Im all about getting to know people and their stories with cars. F*ck takeovers. Cant wait to continue progressing in my knowledge of cars.