1989 Honda Prelude 2.0 Si

Post By: Kevin Gallagher

Date: 10/16/2023

The Story

"si illud oleum effluit, illud oleum habet" -Cicero I purchased the car in August of 2021 to be a daily and my first project in almost a decade. Shortly after acquiring the car, it was obvious it needed more than just the regular tlc to keep a daily on the road. Virtually every system in the car was compromised and needed overhauling. After adding roughly a thousand miles, the car went down in the winter of 2022 and the work had begun. Due to being a grad student, working on a car where parts can be really hard to find, and being new to Japanese cars in general, it took a year's worth of weekends to restore to a point of being reliable. While I have strayed from the OEM path I set out on I've tried to keep *almost* everything either OEM+ or period correct. The car was resprayed in August of 2023 in a Millenium Jade/Charcoal two-tone. The decision to paint the car came after discovering the car had not only been reprayed but also had a significant amount of terrible bodywork hiding rust in the rear fenders. Nostalgia is one hell of a drug.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Advan SA3R v1 16x7 +35
  • Tires: Toyo Extensa HP II 205/45/r16
  • Suspension: Ksport Kontrol Pro
  • Suspension: Truhart 92-01 Prelude Rear Lower Lateral Arms
  • Interior: JDi Main Relay Conversion W/Kill Switch
  • Interior: Denso ETC card reader (my car can speak)
  • Interior: 1980\'s Personal Steering Wheel by Guigiaro
  • Interior: HKB Boss Kit Hub
  • Performance: Vibrant Performance StreetPower Muffler 1047
  • Performance: Vibrant Performance Resonator 1792 18\"
  • Performance: Trubendz 2.50 Catback System
  • Performance: Wilwood 4 piston front brakes


Kevin Gallagher

Kevin 36 Wilmington, NC Recovering muscle car driver: 1966 Ford Mustang Current build: 1989 Honda Prelude 2.0 Si Ancient Historian in training