1990 Honda CRX

Post By: Robert Rodriguez

Date: 05/10/2023

The Story

It was the first car I ever purchased and I had gotten the car for 800 dollars in 2012 it had been sitting for 3 years. The story that I was told was that the first owner had died after a year of ownership and the second owner had hung onto it till then. Making me the 3rd owner of the CRX I kept it original for as long as I could but sometimes making due with what I had for repairs like using a John deer muffler and having to make due for my exhaust till finally at 277k the original motor had died from a combination of a bad valves and worn rings. I had decided to rebuild the engine keeping the same bottom end but replacing rings, valves and bearings. For a short while it ran great till the oil pump failed while on the freeway and being unaware what happened I was thinking that the motor had jumped timing and went 180 meaning the engine was fried but that wasn’t the case after all that. Feeling defeated after all the hard work and time I said F it and found a barnyard engine online that had been sitting for 21 years in the corner of a shop and as the story was told that the engine had only 62k and had been pulled out because they were using the car for stock car racing and had no need for the engine It was the best gamble I could have ever made because the engine revived and compression was very high and that engine runs and even though it doesn’t make lots of power it’s still a whole lotta fun to drive in at night in some night canyon roads.

Current Setup

  • Suspension: ASR Sway Bar/Rear brace
  • Suspension: Skunk2 sport shocks with a Skunk2 Coilover sleeve kit
  • Exterior: HKS Sport Exhaust
  • Wheels: 15X6.5 195 /50 R15 Bronze Drags Dr23s sitting on HANKOOK VENTUS V2
  • Performance: Rear ASR control arms

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: Manual conversion
  • Performance: Dpfi to mpfi conversion
  • Performance: B series swap


Robert Rodriguez