1990 Nissan Skyline GTR

Post By: Robin Yager

Date: 10/16/2023

The Story

I bought this car after falling in love with Nissan GTRs. Originally it was the 35, which I still plan to buy, but the 32 is the best driver and the undisputed champ of GTR racing pedigree. Currently the car has an HKS 2.8L stroker paired with a few different mods to make a clean 450whp as I do not need more. The list is below but the work was completed by @Syngarage in Sussex NJ. Please hit them up!

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Enkei RPF! 17x9 +22
  • Tires: Advan Apex V601 245/45/17
  • Performance: HKS Step Zero 2.8L Stroker Kit
  • Performance: Tomei Exhaust Manifolds
  • Performance: HKS GT-III-SS Twin Turbos
  • Performance: Tomei Turbo Elbows
  • Performance: Reimax Equal length Downpipe
  • Performance: HKS Super Turbo Muffler
  • Performance: Apexi Dual Intakes
  • Performance: HKS Intercooler plus HKS piping
  • Performance: Haltech Elite 2500
  • Performance: ID1300s
  • Performance: R35 Coil packs
  • Performance: Walbro 450lp Fuel Pump
  • Performance: Haltech Flex Fuel
  • Performance: Leaskspec Oil Pan extension
  • Performance: Nismo Coppermix Twin Plate Clutch
  • Performance: Syngarage Custom catch can
  • Exterior: Partscollective Kevlar Rocket Flap
  • Interior: HKS x Bride 50th Anniversary ZetaIV Seat
  • Interior: Top Secret: Steering Wheel; Shift Knob; Brake / Shift Boots
  • Interior: Garage Active Handbrake lever

Planned Upgrades

  • Suspension: Ohlin or MeisterR


Robin Yager

Skyline GTR, not built to park despite the only thing I do is go to cars and coffee. Not perfect but we are all on the pursuit of perfection so we'll get there. It takes time. Get out and drive. In speed we trust.