1991 3rd Gen Honda Prelude EX (BA4)

Post By: Johannes Pato

Date: 01/26/2024

The Story

So, this is my 91 Prelude that I bought with my parents on March 18th 2023. I was looking for my first car before even having a license ...or money (I was 16 at that time). Contrary to me researching a lot on other cars, I immediately wanted to buy this as soon as I saw it. My grandpa wanted to pay for my car anyways (lucky me) so I thought I might aswell get a cool one that's not breaking the bank. Turns out it was a shitbox with missing and breaking parts. Well, what do you expect with a 30 year old Honda. Anyways, I love this car so much and I hate that I can't really drive it that much. What I also hate are the laws here. This ain't a rant, but I really have to do a lot of research on what is legal and what you can get away with. No slamming or fancy bodystyling here, maybe for the better.... But I will try my best to make this thing look and drive as good as possible while staying within boundaries. I'm going for an OEM+ build, maybe a bit more. But this is no big transformation, just adding parts piece by piece while trying not to go bankrupt because most of the expenses are for getting the mods registered. Also rare car -> rare (and expensive) parts :(. I just want to have a fairly clean car that's nice to look at and you can actually drive on real streets. Well I'm not a big story writer as you can tell but I guess that concludes it for now. Also I have like no pictures of this car.

Current Setup

  • Interior: Momo Competition Steering Wheel
  • Interior: Rep TypeR shiftknob
  • Exterior: Roof spoiler
  • Suspension: H&R 40/40 lowering springs
  • Wheels: Stock 13" steelies with cracked hubcaps ;)
  • Performance: Magnaflow axleback


Johannes Pato