1991 Honda Beat \”Beatrice\”

Post By: Ethan Aldrich

Date: 06/21/2023

The Story

This is my 1991 Honda beat that I purchased from Duncan Imports and they purchased it from a Japanese Auction. This car was raced for a few years in the K4-GP. I have put on a wide body, wider wheels, updated the safety equipment, and am currently working on a K24a swap to give it over 5 times the horsepower.

Current Setup

  • Performance: Built, over bored engine.
  • Wheels: Basset D-Hole 14x8 on the rear; 13x7.5 up front.
  • Tires: Hoosier R7 On all 4 corners
  • Exterior: Carbon Fiber Hood and Rear Trunk Lid
  • Suspension: Bilstein Coil Overs
  • Interior: Gutted; Full cage; Sparco Seat; Sparco 6 point harness; Sparco Fire suppression system; Sparco FIA quick relase hub and steering wheel; Gauges.
  • Performance: Chipped ECU

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: K24a Swap


Ethan Aldrich