1991 Honda Civic EF Sedan

Post By: Daniel Neuhold

Date: 05/01/2023

The Story

I bought the car in 2019 after i got ran into and my EG Sedan was toast .. At first i just drove around and used the car as a car .. but soon i realized that it had potential and so i started to mod it .. at first i bought a used set of coilovers and some 15 inch wheels but after a year i wanted it to be a bit more nice to drive so i got a set of new MTS coilovers and a set of Keskin KT3 in 16x7.5 .. where i live you have the risk of getting pulled over and if you have your mods not registerd with the state your tags are gone .. guess what happend to me in 2021.. to get them back your car needs to be inspected and be flawless and all your mods need to be registered and first of all you need to have paperwork that the parts you installed are for your car and nothing you rigged up at home by yourself .. fun times.. in order to be flawless i cut out the rear fenders as they showed a minor corroison witch is a no no and so i ended up with a bit wider rear quaters and a rust free Civic In April 2022 i had my inspection and passed after the 3rd time trying it .. its still my daily for the summer and i love it

Current Setup

  • Suspension: MTS Coilovers


Daniel Neuhold