1991 honda civic wagon

Post By: Jeremy Miller

Date: 11/28/2023

The Story

Well it all started with a 89 CRX my brother and I had bought to flip. About 3 months in we had found my wagon knowing this was the one. We had negotiated with the owner to do a straight trade and were ready to begin our journey of building a show car. Three months later my brother was tragically taken from us do to a aneurism in his heart. Since 2014 I've dedicated every spare cent and dollar to building this to a certain quality and style. When someone says you can't be emotionally attached to an inanimate object, they're wrong. Many long dirty days and nights have gone into her and plenty more to come. I've named her Winnie being that my childhood crush was Winnie Cooper from the wonder years( I sound old). I hope everyone enjoys her as much as I do and please say hey if you see me out!!

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Whistler kr7
  • Suspension: Maxspeedingrods full-body coilovers
  • Performance: HMO DOHC ZC obd1 full converted with rywire tuck harness full bottom and top build with eagle rods, p29 weisco oversized pistons, supertech valve train, and delta cams skunk2 alpha header to a custom made skunk2 megapower exhaust
  • Exterior: Full repaint and resto tucked and shaved engine bay shaved antenna and rear wiper j\'s front lip and rear spoiler
  • Interior: Nardi classic wood grain steering wheel, nardi short hub, nostalgic grains knob, b&m short shifter, Burberry shift boot
  • Wheels:

Planned Upgrades

  • Suspension: Airlift 3p air bags


Jeremy Miller