1991 Nissan 240SX

Post By: Snacki Boi

Date: 11/13/2023

The Story

Hello and welcome, to my other 240SX project car... Now I know what you're probably thinking, why spread your work out amongst 2 cars when you don't even have one working? Well to that... I'm financially irresponsible. This car I got back in August of 2022, when I originally was going over to see what parts I could source off this car for my red 240SX (See other build post). Upon inspecting the car I found out the chassis from the firewall back was in better shape (less rust holes) than my red one! Knowing this I spoke to the owner and I found out the amount they wanted was at 240sx prices from back in 2016. I, financially irresponsibly, immediately bought the shell and started to figure out a plan for it. Upon scrolling through FB marketplace, I eventually ended up with a game plan: LS swap. Now I know LS swapped 240sx's have been done time and time again but I was planning on making an ls swap based on cost. This decision is because it was 2022 and all other engine swaps where I live are waaaaay out of any reasonable price range, not even a SOHC KA24E is cheap these days. I literally sourced an 07 5.3L LS and 300zx twin-turbo transmission for less than a single cam. Upon getting these parts I started getting to work. I sourced a non-hicas rear subframe and non-abs knuckles to 5 lug swap the car. The front (as seen in images below) has been swapped to a 5-lug setup with non-abs brake calipers, chasebays brake lines, P2M brake rotors and all their S13 parts they have to offer. I even replaced the leaking steering rack with a refurbished one off IG. Now, one thing to understand while looking at this car, it screams gremlin, and I'm all for gremlin. I have no intention of changing the "patina" look to the car, nor do I intend on fixing the hood hinges and removing the ratchet strap; all that just adds to the charm. I honestly feel that many others also have that one car they've put so much time and effort into that they're now afraid to take it out anywhere and their project car they intended on cruising around with the boys, or significant other, has become a garage queen. Well, that essentially has become my other car, so just like those who are too afraid to take out their once dailies have obtained this; this wonderful gremlin that I can hopefully daily and even off-road without any concerns for scratching the paint or denting the car. It currently still has a loooong way to go. But stay tuned, I hopefully will be able to update this build thread and hopefully add more pictures. My future plans are to get better at welding and fix the strut towers, maybe even add tubs. Anyways... Stay Frosty, - Snacki Boi

Current Setup

  • Exterior: Ratchet Strap Hood "Pins"
  • Interior: Bride Low Max Drivers Seat
  • Interior: NRG Steering Wheel + Quick Release
  • Suspension: Tein Street Basis Z Coilovers
  • Exterior: P2M 5 lug brake rotors
  • Exterior: Tomegun 5 lug wheel hubs
  • Exterior: Xcessive Manufacturing Skid Plate
  • Performance: Chase Bays ABS Brake Delete Lines LHD
  • Performance: Lojkits Z32 transmission LS swap kit
  • Suspension: GkTech Hicas Delete

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: P2M Front & Rear Control Arms, Toe Arms, Camber Arms, Caster Arms, Inner & Outer Tie Rods, & End Links


Snacki Boi

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