1991 Nissan PS13

Post By: Rich Whiteman

Date: 02/20/2024

The Story

My PS13 has a unique history in Japan where it was piloted by Casey from ShirtsTuckedIn for several years. It made its way to the US in 2019 and has transitioned through 4 different versions, and now heading to the most aggressive rendition of the car. As part of Car Shop Karoshi, the car always sports the team livery and colors.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Rays Wheels: TE37, 57DR, 57C6, 57Xtreme, 57CR
  • Suspension: Fortune Auto - 8k/5k
  • Performance: S14 SR20, Wiseco pistons, Garret 2871, Future Fab manifold, Link G4 ecu, Wiring Specialties harness, Mazworx CD00x kit, Action Clutch, ChaseBays DBBE / Lines, GK Tech arms (front and rear), GK Tech subframe & chassis reinforcements, CageKits cage, Kaaz 1.5 way, and LOTS of other parts!
  • Exterior: Origin Labo DriftLine aero, Type 2 hood, custom roof wing, and Karoshi colored paint.
  • Interior: Thrash Racing seats, Thrash Racing harnesses, Thrash racing wheel, Link dash, and lots of ricey lights.
  • Wheels:


Rich Whiteman

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