1992 RHD BMW 325

Post By: Jimmy Oakes

Date: 04/13/2023

The Story

Mannnnnn where do I start! I’ll keep it short and simple. So this is a Japanese market E36 which makes the car RHD but not much else is different than the USDM model. Picked this car up in about 2018 as a BASE model 325 auto with a huge love for e36s and jdm imports. At the time this was the first RHD e36 I’ve seen in states and I thought it was the coolesttttt thing.. started it’s life with an M50 non vanos and an auto trans, many many renditions and memory’s later it is now a turbo S50 drift car! - Jimmy Oakes

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Front: 17x9 Konig Hypergrams
  • Wheels: Rear: 18x9.5 Konig Hypergrams
  • Tires: Front Nitto Nt05 235/40R17
  • Tires: Rear Accelera 651 265/35/R18
  • Suspension: BC Racing BR Series Coilovers
  • Suspension: SLR Angle Kit
  • Exterior: Sparco Seats
  • Interior: Cage Kits Cage
  • Interior: Chase Bays Hydro
  • Performance: Nardi 350mm Deep Corn Steering Wheel
  • Interior: LZMFG Harnesses
  • Exterior: Factory M aero (Simple!)
  • Performance: Built bottom S50 engine With Precision 5862 Turbo
  • Performance: DW1000cc Injectors
  • Performance: E85 Compatible Fuel Pump
  • Performance: Link G4X BMW E36 Plug-in ECU