1993 Camaro z28

Post By: Alonzo Mendoza

Date: 01/04/2024

The Story

This is my 1993 z28 Camaro, it was gifted to my brother from our grandfather and then passed to me after sitting in an alleyway for 2 years collecting dust. When we were younger this car was the daily beater, a real workhorse collecting 250,000+ miles from all over Colorado from job site to job site being beat to hell. It's done everything from drag racing to being crashed into a light pole, all before I even got my hands on it. The original plan was to turn this thing into a 10sec drag missile, but having a strong love for jdm, stance and static I went another direction that would involve me chopping up a beloved American muscle car, creating a custom wide body kit and putting it on the ground. Its been a labor a of love bringing new life to a car that's been apart of my life for so long that I have countless memories with.

Current Setup

  • Suspension: Spohn performances upper and lower spherical adjustable upper and lower control arms Umi adjustable steer kit Hawks adjustable torque arm with custom cross memeber Hawks weld in subframe stiffeners Hawks adjust rear lower control arms & relocation brackets Hawks adjust lower panhard bar Bmr upper adjustable panhard bar & relocation bracket Umi afco autocross coilovers 10 inch 1000lb front springs with 3in 50lb helper spring 180lb 10 rear springs Spohn performance front 35mm front sway bar and 22mm rear sway bar Spohn performance spherical sway links Hawks weld in harness bar Hawks strut tower
  • Wheels: 18 x 10.5 jnc wheels with stretched federal super steel tires
  • Exterior: Chassis-mounted front splitter built from a c5 Corvette template and an S13 rocker bunny diffuser
  • Interior: Gutted interior
  • Exterior: Custom molded wide body kit


Alonzo Mendoza