1994 Mazda RX-7

Post By: Goober Goalie

Date: 05/15/2023

The Story

The short version is, this is my 1994 Brilliant Black, Manual, Base FD3S. I bought the car as a roller in 2013, and have been slowly building it since then. I wish I was able to afford a nice running car, but even back then, this was the only way for me to swing purchasing an FD. This allowed me to spread the costs associated with building my ideal FD over the course of the past 10 years. Obviously, the car is not completed as of yet, but I'm very happy to just have an FD running and driving. I've been involved in rotary cars for over 20 years how, and this is the third rotary car I've owned (my first car was an '86 Sport FC, and I've also owned an '89 GTUs which I TII swapped), and I also now own a '90 20B Cosmo as well. I'll get into the other cars another time, but for now I'll focus on the FD: As I alluded to, I've been building an ideal FD in my head for many years. That build has evolved as my tastes have change or found out about cool/rare parts (the 'Rare Parts Defined' thread on the RX7Club was like crack to me). It was around the time I got the car that I noticed the OEM+ trend starting to form. While I think this is a cool way of doing a build, I've always been much more interested in how the runners of japan were building the cars in the 90s. In particular the kyosozoku/roulettezoku racers. The kind of cars that were just as at home sitting on the floor of the Tokyo Auto Salon as they were racing down the Wangan. So I developed my own theme: 90s+. Cool 90s/early 2000s parts visible on the car, with a more modern mentality on the engine build and electronics (ecu, ignition, etc). Throughout the years, I was actually able to find many of my "ideal" parts that fit my vision. I began trying to purchase as many of the parts as I can as I've found them, because I never knew when they would come up again. This constantly affected the budget of the engine build, and of course the timeframe. Every time some interesting part came up for sale, it almost always reset the budget of getting the car running back to nil. Eventually I sent the car off to IR Performance for an engine build and to put the car together. They were the shop I had always envisioned building my engine, and I was happy I was able to finally be able to afford the build. The scope and build of the car did change over the time they had the car. It went from being a pretty standard bolt on car which retained the stock twins, to a full on single turbo/v-mount build. I'd like to use the Blog feature of this site to go into more detail about each aspect of this build, so if you would like to learn more, please keep an eye out there.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Mazdaspeed MS-01S
  • Suspension: RE-Amemiya Spec Aragosta Coilovers
  • Performance: IRP Stage 2 Street Port Engine
  • Performance: IRP BW8474 Single turbo kit
  • Performance: Greddy V-Mount
  • Performance: Knightsports Resonated/Wrapped Mid-Pipe
  • Performance: Re-Amemiya Dolphin Tail Ti Catback
  • Performance: AEM Series 2 ECU
  • Interior: 30th Anniversary Cluster
  • Interior: Works Bell Short Hub/Quick Release
  • Interior: Mazdaspeed "Buckskin" Steering Wheel/Blitz Horn Button
  • Exterior: Knighsports HID Sleepy Eye kit
  • Exterior: Ronin Speedworks Top Fuel Style Rear Wing


Goober Goalie

Just an old guy who's into rotaries and all things 90s Japanese. Been involved in the rotary community for over 20 years now, and have dabbled in other platforms over that timeframe as well. I'm so old, I took a modified FC RX-7 to see the original FnF in theaters. I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences and learning some new things from this community.