1997 Audi A6 Avant

Post By: Steve Kujaa

Date: 07/17/2023

The Story

Once upon a time, I bought a C4 generation A6 Avant for a winter beater/trail beater. My then girlfriend/now fiancé met in that car and put thousands of off-road miles on that car. It saw hundred of miles of dirt roads and snow without skipping a beat. Unfortunately that car had been t-boned in the right rear enough for the door to not seal and it wasn’t sensible to keep modifying that car. We eventually sold it off to a friend and bought a near-mint twin to keep the tradition going. It’s still powered by an anemic 2.8l V6 and an automatic transmission (the only options available), but that is soon changing in favor of a 2.2l i5 Turbo and 5 speed direct from a C4 S6. Come along as we build this car from a boring, comfortable cruiser into a fire breathing monster.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Fifteen52 Tarmac 18x8.5 ET45 in Silverstone Grey
  • Tires: Continental ExtremeContact Sport 235/40/18
  • Suspension: H&R 29800 Lowering Springs
  • Suspension: 1995.5 S6 rear swaybar
  • Performance: Catless downpipes
  • Exterior: ben_tuning headlamp covers
  • Exterior: Thule Mountaineer cargo box
  • Wheels:

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: AAN 2.2l i5 20v Turbo
  • Performance: South Bend Stage 2 clutch
  • Performance: 01E 5 speed transmission
  • Performance: Deka 60lb Injectors
  • Performance: Volvo K24-7200 turbo
  • Performance: 034 Motorsport Short Shifter
  • Performance: 034 Motorsport Intake
  • Performance: Apikol FMIC kit
  • Performance: Walbro 450lph Fuel Pump
  • Suspension: Audi R8 365mm Wave 2-piece Rotors
  • Suspension: Audi RS5 8-piston Calipers