1997 Infiniti Q45t

Post By: Sean Gibson

Date: 04/17/2023

The Story

My work-in-progress VIP build, I've owned this for about a year and a half. My last car was a 2011 Honda Fit on coil-overs, AME Shallen LX 2pc wheels, JDM OEM clear tail lights, and an HKS exhaust. I, unfortunately, hydrolocked the motor and ended up totaling out the car, so I got this to continue my vision on a more appropriate platform.

Current Setup

  • Suspension: S14 Conversion: S14 D2 Racing coilovers (F18k, R12k), PartsShopMax Y33 front camber plates, S14 front knuckles, S14 outer tie rod ends, S14 lower ball joint, S14 5 lug hubs
  • Suspension: ISR S14 Front Tension Rods
  • Performance: Muffler + Resonator delete
  • Interior: Junction Produce curtains, neck pillows