1998 Integra LS-T

Post By: Alexander McCoy-Boutwell

Date: 12/11/2023

The Story

Bought this integra non running. Needed vavle cover gasket, oil feed and return lines re ran, intercooler plumbed up and a battery. Currently running and driving! Still need to button things up and register it. My first build and it's gone pretty okay (so far🀞)

Current Setup

  • Performance: .50A/R Turbo, custom intercooler piping. Stripped interior, stock ecu
  • Interior: Bare minimum lol


Alexander McCoy-Boutwell

Howdy! I'm Alex, I'm a tire and lube tech out in North Carolina Finally building a car! My current project is a boosted integra! I have it operable finally, just gotta button up a few things and get it registered! I'll update here as I go! Cheers!