1999 Ford Mustang Cobra

Post By: Megan Keane

Date: 05/10/2023

The Story

I was introduced to cars in 2017 when my fiancé and I started dating. We would go to local events with whatever car he had that year and I would just tag along. In September of 2021, a few of our friends decided to pick up this 99 Cobra shell as a quick flip project and I ended up buying it! They taught us the platform and have helped build this car from the ground up, so it was a group effort to get this car up and running. It has a ton of upgrades under the hood (I am still learning so I won't be able to list them all), and an 03 terminator interior.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: FR500\'s - staggered setup
  • Tires: Ventus V12 evo2\'s