1999 Lexus GS300

Post By: Tyler Chevez Dion

Date: 05/10/2023

The Story

I’ve been looking for a project car for the last 5 years and could never settle on anything. Until I watched the video Alex made about the GS300 on YouTube and it peaked my interest. I did my research and at that moment I realized I found my first project car! I searched everywhere trying to find one at a reasonable price but I wanna say that Alex’s video definitely contributed to the bro tax on them! I couldn’t find any for the life of me until I came across one not too far from me in a few towns over and didn’t want that opportunity to slide. They bro taxed the crap out of me and I ended up buying it for about $3500. After driving it back home I came to realize that the entire engine needed to be redone as in seals, gaskets and all. Oil was leaking from every possible place. Talk about a great deal! (NOT) so at that moment I had two options. 1) replace all the seals and gaskets, and leave it as it was (stock) 2) take the entire car apart and make a big mess of it and redo every possible thing I could to it. Including an engine rebuild, transmission rebuild, new suspension, wheels fuel delivery system etc. Well of course the answer was obvious and I went with option 2, DUH! Now here I am months Dow the road and I just finished repainting the engine bay. The engine has been removed for a while now and I have an appointment for it to be machined in July. I have bought all new positions, rods, bearings, etc for the engine, aftermarket intake and throttle body, fluid damper harmonic balancer, new water pump, PS pump, and much more that can be listed in the parts section. I’m a long way from done and if I had the money I’d be doing it all in a heartbeat. But slow and steady is okay with me too. I’m learning along the way and I’m loving it!

Current Setup

  • Performance: DeepMotor billet Intake manifold with fuel rail and 90mm throttle body
  • Performance: Fluidampr harmonic balancer
  • Wheels: BorgWarner Turbocharger S300SX3 TS Twin Scroll A/R .91 66mm inducer S366 9180 66/73

Planned Upgrades

  • Wheels: Anovia Elder Brushed Apollo Silver 18x9.5 +22mm wheels
  • Tires: Toyo Tires Extensa HPII
  • Suspension: BC Racing coil overs
  • Performance: PHR Triple walbro 485/525 fuel pump hanger (2pumps)
  • Performance: 1000cc FIC Fuel injectors
  • Performance: Fully built A650E transmission (Power Dynamix)
  • Suspension: Godspeed suspension parts
  • Performance: Revel Exhaust System
  • Performance: CX Racing Turbo manifold
  • Performance: Pro128 EFI standalone ECU
  • Performance: HKS adjustable Exhaust Cam Gear
  • Performance: Aluminum JZ Pully kit
  • Exterior: Rainbow Drift Black Red Vinyl Wrap
  • Exterior: VIS Racing V Line Style Black Carbon Fiber Hood
  • Exterior: Battle Z Front Bumper


Tyler Chevez Dion

My name is Tyler I’m from NH USA currently rebuilding my 1999 Lexus GS300 from the ground up