1999 Mazda MX5 400whp

Post By: Mathis Beritsveen

Date: 05/28/2024

The Story

Ill keep it simple.. Bougth in 2020 Started as a simple track build. Have "buildt" it 4 times so far First simple mods and konverted to facelift. Second slapin a Supercharger. Third Widebody from krotov and wraped in tinybot space gold blue Forth Slapp in a smal GBC20-300 Turbo kit. Fifth still in progress. Molding in the widebody, Shave enginebay and paint it all. And fully forged engine with Pulsar 25-550 Turbo. and lastly a fastback from Panos

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Work equip 01
  • Tires: nankang AR 1
  • Suspension: ST XA Cpilovers
  • Performance: Fully Forged block with a Pulsar 25-550 pushing 400whp
  • Exterior: Wide body from Krotov and Paintet Massarati verde smelardo
  • Interior: almost everything is toutched


Mathis Beritsveen

Norwegaian hobo. Building a 400whp road leagl Mazda MX5 1999 (10AE)