2001 BMW 330i ZHP Wagon

Post By: Grant Mace

Date: 05/01/2023

The Story

A daily driver that is really just a track car that thinks its ok to drive on the street. I kinda did the reverse of a car build and did all the suspension and performance first while leaving the exterior pretty stock until I started running into width problems and caliper clearances, at the heart of it its an e46 wagon from 2001 with a 330i zhp drive line with every possible thing to make this dame thing survive with its curb weight of a 2022 gt4rs but the strength of a corn chip. It's a work in progress but ill be posting about what it takes to make a wagon from 2001 keep up with the Porsches in the corners and eventually the straights. I'll also be showing how I've made a few one off parts for the build and the process of how i got there. I hope you like my build and I hope it helps the few and brave to build a platform where I know I've bought 12 of the last available parts for it.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Fikse 17in staggered 10s and 12s -43mm offset
  • Suspension: ST variant 3 coilovers
  • Tires: falken azenis rt615k+
  • Wheels: