2001 lexus gs430 mk2 v8

Post By: Josh Moisey

Date: 01/26/2024

The Story

I had a built midnight purple focus st3 with big boost etc but wanted something different but with the car I had it had to have that sex appeal we all crave! Went onto Facebook marketplace as we know that's the sign of perfection and honesty, and saw this come up, I always a v8 but never had the chance, with the world changing and going eco I thought this is my only chance, so I sold my focus and brought this. Since then, it's had coilovers, wheels, boot build with false floor to keep it tidy and clean, custom exhaust, cusco and megan racing braces, Grip Royal custom engraved steering wheel, and turning it into a baller vip build, which in the UK atleast especially with a car like this is extremely difficult!

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Rota gtr 9.5j et35 front and rota gtr-d 10j et30 rear
  • Tires: Accellera 245/40/18 front and Accellera 255/40/18 rear
  • Suspension: HSD dualtech coilovers adjustable all round
  • Performance: Nothing fancy just custom catback stainless exhaust and a K&N drop in performance filter
  • Exterior: Tte front grille and lip, rota wheels, tgr motorsport wheel nuts, mtec drilled and grooved discs all round with brembo pads, cusco lower brace, megan racing strut brace, @glowkituk rgb underglow kit, hic usa rear window spoiler visor, led front and rear lights, junction produce nobori flag signed by the man himself, and junction produce show plates
  • Interior: Grip royal custom engraved koi carp steering wheel, custom snow globe lucky cat gear knob with bride gaiter, glowkituk interior rgb footwell lights, lexus puddle lights in doors, custom koi carp fabric wrapped door cards and parcel shelf subwoofer and seat belt pads, neko cat cushions, junction produce headrest cushions, custom diamond stitched floor mats, French crystal champagne glasses, vip table in the front for the hibiki aged whiskey, and aged sake for the back, real Cuban cigars with cutter and lighter, dasai japanese speaking box that greets you when starting the car, junction produce nobori flag signed by the man himself, 12inch alpine subwoofer with box and amp with false floor and carpeted out, junction produce kintsuna rope, saitoworks custom Tsurikawa and hanging charm
  • Wheels: