2001 Subaru Forester STI 2 Type M #61

Post By: Adam Walenski

Date: 02/24/2024

The Story

Hello, I currently live in Tokyo for work, and have the ability to build a JDM dream I’ve have ever since I was young. I’m currently 38 years old and now know the need for quality mods. I’m not doing anything to the engine as I know how finicky EJ’s can be. I’m doing mostly reliability mods to increase the longevity of the engine and suspension upgrades to keep this fat pigs body roll down and stiffen the chassis. It’s a daily driver and may take to Fuji Speedway for a track day here and there. Future upgrades as planned are some Cusco goodies, Beatrush under guards, IAG AOS, and Koyorad Type F radiator.

Current Setup

  • Performance: HKS Super Fire Racing Plugs
  • Suspension: Espelir lowering springs
  • Performance: Kakimoto Racing Regu.06 & R Muffler Exhaust System
  • Performance: Juran Racing Strengthened Muffler Ring Bush Hangers
  • Performance: HKS Super Power Flow intake
  • Wheels:


Adam Walenski