2002 Nissan sentra SE-R Spec V

Post By: Tony Hernandez

Date: 05/19/2023

The Story

In my 30s this is the first car I actually was able to put any money into building, thanks bitcoin 😉. Total investment close to 7500 and my time. Its mainly a bespoke setup based upon research and diy. Also attempting to do it cheap. Have had a blast experiencing how each mod effects the vehicle. And blessed that none have ruined it.. all improvements for a much under loved platform which needs improvements to be half way decent anyways.

Current Setup

  • Performance: Headders and full exhaust. Only stock piece is mid pipe with guted cat
  • Performance: Lightweight pullies flywheel and balance shaft delete
  • Suspension: Cheapest maxspeeding rods.. huge improvement over used stock setup
  • Interior: Full strip weightreduction. Only has dash and carpet.
  • Performance: Bespoke rollcage setup
  • Performance: Lexansunroof
  • Performance: Wilwood 6 pistons up front and big rotor in rear
  • Performance: 2j racing rear sway bar.. huge difference
  • Exterior: Hood vent
  • Performance: Aftermarket strut brace and ultra racing front bottom brace
  • Suspension: 12mm anti lift kit spacers to stabilise front wheels for that factory lsd bite.


Tony Hernandez