2003 Audi TT 8N Roadster – Maggie

Post By: James Harley

Date: 05/12/2023

The Story

Ever since rocking it on Need for Speed Most Wanted I always loved the MK1 TT, it was fast cool and unique to anything else on the road. Of course over the years I’ve built and rebuilt my imaginary TT in my head until the day in 2019 I finally got behind the wheel of my baby, my Maggie. Many people name there cars and each story is personal and individual to them, personally I let the car name itself, when I first get the keys I turn on the radio and the first name in a song that comes up is the name my car gets. My old MK4 Golf was called Annie after Smooth Criminal (the Alien Ant Farm cover) came on. In the TT it was Rod Stewart Maggie May. This build is slow progress, of course there are nagging jobs that I need to get on with like overhauling the subframes to stop the car cancer taking over (rust) but currently I’m changing all my interior pieces from the factory brushed aluminium colour to a lovely brushed gold.

Current Setup

  • Interior: Pioneer Double Din Radio
  • Interior: Brushed Gold Interior Trim
  • Exterior: Brushed Gold Fuel Cap
  • Exterior: 3.2 Quattro Rear Wing
  • Exterior: Ribbed Rear Diffuser
  • Exterior: ABT Front Bumper
  • Performance: RAM Air XL Intake
  • Performance: 3 Inch Turbo back Exhaust
  • Performance: Front Mount Intercooler
  • Performance: Stage 2 Tune
  • Suspension: BC Racing BR Series Coilovers
  • Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4 225/40R18
  • Wheels: 3SDM 0.05 18-8.5 ET35 (painted gold with Superwrap)
  • Exterior: Hex Grill

Planned Upgrades

  • Wheels: Radi8 3-Piece Wheels
  • Suspension: Air Ride 3P Suspension


James Harley

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