2003 Infiniti G35 Sedan 6MT

Post By: Mitch Gondreau

Date: 06/05/2023

The Story

I wanted "in" to the local car scene at 21 to meet new friends and needed a new car. I had a list of "things" I wanted in a car. 1. Aftermarket support 2. Creature comforts (leather, power everything, heated seats, sunroof) 3. Manual trans 4. 4 doors 5. RWD or AWD So I started looking. While kids at the Elementary book fair days were getting Lambo and Porsche posters, I had an Inferno Orange Nissan 350z on my wall, hot wheels and Jada Toys on my floor of the toy room. I was informed by a new friend that Infiniti makes a car that fits all the requirements and it's for sale. The next 8 years is history. I love this thing more than I really should.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Kansei Roku Real Chrome 18x9.5 +22
  • Tires: Kumho PS31 235/40/r18
  • Suspension: BC Racing DS series 12k/8k custom spring rates
  • Performance: Kinetix Velocity Intake
  • Performance: Custom CAI/K&N cone
  • Performance: Motordyne ART pipes
  • Performance: Z1 y-pipe
  • Performance: Tanabe Medallion cat-back
  • Performance: 350z VLSD/370z axles,bearings
  • Suspension: ISR adjustable suspension (FUCA, Toe, Traction, camber)
  • Exterior: Custom Retrofit Headlights
  • Exterior: Carbon wrap roof and pillars
  • Exterior: 30% tint
  • Exterior: 06 sedan taillights
  • Exterior: Underglow
  • Exterior: Stickers!
  • Interior: Carbon wrapped interior bits
  • Interior: NRG gold wheel/quick release
  • Interior: NRG knob
  • Interior: More stickers?


Mitch Gondreau