2004 Honda Civic Si

Post By: Tim Scheuermann

Date: 02/12/2024

The Story

Finally had the urge to do a real build after not messing with cars in 10 years. Picked up a 2004 Honda Civic Si. It was in pretty rough shape oil leaks, interior pieces missing, and the paint is absolute demolished. But the body was straight and no rust being it was a Florida car. Started off slowly just fixing a little bit here and there. I was able to get some ep3 seats that are not mangled and got almost all the interior parts replaced that were missing. Car is currently waiting on its k20-24 build that's expected to make about 260 whp. Working on getting some Tein suspension and have all the type r side skirts front lip and rear lip siting waiting to be installed. *future update has the k20/24 in. waiting to get it tuned. Just doing brake in miles now. *future future update got tuned at humble and it now makes 257 whp and 201tq with a redline of only 7800. She rips

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Rsx type s wheels.
  • Performance: Plm header
  • Exterior: type r tail lights
  • Exterior: Full type r sideskirt and front and rear lip and type r wing.
  • Suspension: Tein Flex Z coilovers
  • Performance: Skunk 2 megapower exhaust
  • Performance: Skunk 2 ultra street intake
  • Performance: skunk 2 77mm throttle body
  • Performance: Injen short ram intake
  • Performance: K20-24 frank build. k20a2 head on k24a1 bottom end with aftermarket type s rods and pistons
  • Performance: Ferrea intake/exhaust valves
  • Performance: Kprov4 with e85 tune from humble performance
  • Wheels:
  • Interior: Type R gauge cluster from the UK in MPH.
  • Wheels:
  • Wheels:

Planned Upgrades

  • Exterior: PDR and paint job unsure of color maybe phoenix yellow
  • Suspension: New steering rack slider
  • Interior: Aem a/f and aem oil pressure gauges.


Tim Scheuermann

Attempting the restoration of a 04 civic si. I have finished up the interior so its finally looks good. Have a k20a2 head just waiting to get put on with some z3 pistons. Currently running kprov4 with their k20a3 91 tune. Rebuilt the front and rear suspension minus the struts and springs. waiting on some mid range coils once the engine work is finished then its on to body work. Want to paint in phoenix yellow eventually