2004 Lexus LS430

Post By: Andrew Rogers

Date: 10/23/2023

The Story

I've been a Subaru boi for a long time and I daily drove a nearly full-bolt-on 2014 WRX hatchback for several years. When my wife and I had a baby, we decided that putting the baby in the WRX was maybe not a great idea. So I decided to go a new route with my next car; a VIP build. I picked up this 2004 Lexus LS430 and started right away with making it look as cool as i knew it could. The first thing i had to do was take out the horrible, barely-there Mark Levinson speakers and replaced them with some PRV Audio speakers and a sub. BC coilovers, and some 19" JDM Rays Anceltion Glassenheit two piece wheels were next (along with some fender rolling) and that's how I kept it for a few months. After awhile I noticed some issues with the wheels, the seal between the face and the barrel on 2 wheels was leaking. Rather than going through the trouble to fix it, I bought a set of new ESR SR01's and could not be happier.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: ESR SR01
  • Suspension: BC BR Coilovers
  • Wheels:


Andrew Rogers