2005 bmw 330ci ZHP

Post By: David Getsinger

Date: 06/21/2023

The Story

Short version. It's kinda stock. I bought it back in 19 for dirt cheap. 3k, and for good reason. It needed work. Paint is shot and still needs a paint job. The car had 215k when I bought it. And last the part where I know people will hate its and auto. Now as far as mods go. Polly every bushing other than the rear subframe (didn't have the money for it at the time). The rear subframe has been reinforced and now has a m3 rear subframe. That being said the drive shaft has bee. Shortened by 1.5 inches (or close to that). Front breaks from the m3 as well with m3 sway bars all the way around. And the motor has been over built for stock power and use. King coated bearings, upgraded piston rings, oil pump has been fixed with the wire nut. For a good reason ARP head studs because the m54 blocks love to strip where the stock bolts go. A new metal valve cover to get that old plastic junk gone. I did find some great looking and priced right strut bars (born2drift). And a ebay catch can set up that works great. Oh and some ebay headers with the stock exhaust modified. I did use program for a custom tune so no check engine lights will pop and I still pass inspections. Why do all this to a stock and automatic zhp. Because I love the stupid headache this car is. And I feel like this is how a ZHP should have come from the factory. Basically a m3 without the motor. Also don't buy into the ZHP life, just get a 330 there not worth what people want now unless it's super clean and you want to keep it stock.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Stock
  • Suspension: Stock
  • Exterior: In need of help
  • Interior: Great radio with two 12in subs in the rear
  • Wheels:


David Getsinger