2005 Ford Mustang GT

Post By: Lindsey Gonzalez

Date: 02/01/2024

The Story

I drive this car before it was bought by someone else in 2020. This is the car that made me fall in love with mustangs, before driving it I had no interest in them. 2 months later it was repossessed by the dealership while I was still on the hunt for my first car. The same day it became available again is the day that I went and bought it. Looking back, it was really ugly when I first bought it with modifications done by the pervious owners. Today this car is completely changed from what it was before. My husband and I have done all of the body, electrical, and engine work to it to make it what it is today. It's not much but I've made it my own.

Current Setup

  • Tires: 305/30/20 Continental Extreme Contact tires
  • Wheels: 20 in. Niche Misanos
  • Exterior: Gt500 style hood, duckbill spoiler, American muscle grill, MMD chin spoiler, Spyder tail lights, American Muscle head lights and fogs, tinted blinkers, factory black paint color
  • Performance: Stage 2 CAI, straight pipe from the cat back, BAMA X4 tuner, 1 step colder spark plugs
  • Suspension: Custom lowering springs, adjustable pan hard bar


Lindsey Gonzalez

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