2006 Pontiac GTO

Post By: Cole Brusletten

Date: 01/11/2024

The Story

Bought this car in Chicago in the spring of 2020. when I bought it, it had pacesetter headers and a spin tech exhaust, as well as a trick flow cam. Was happy with the car for the first 3 months I owned it until I rode in an Audi Rs3 with a kit from Iroz. That winter I supercharged the car and swapped over to a Holley Terminator setup, Running a fully functional flex-fuel system. when I last dynoed the car it was on 93 octane at 6.5 pounds of boost making 525 horsepower and 529 ft-lb at the rear wheels. currently makes 9lbs on full e85. it's self-tuned and haven't had it dynoed yet to see what gains it has made. has a full coil over, and sway bar kit from peddlers, with a strut mount from BMR. only has the front brakes converted over to a gen 1 ctsv so I can still run a 15-inch rim for drag racing on occasion. Most everything was either custom-made by me or replaced by me over the winters up here In Minnesota. PS When doing a holly sway on these cars, You can cut and splice your existing gas peddle harness to the Holley one, to keep your stock gas peddle for a drive-by-wire system. The other important thing is that on GTOs and Chevy Envoys with the ls, they are the only ls to have special cam sensors where the signal and the ground are switched for some reason.

Current Setup

  • Suspension: pedder coil over and sway bar kit.
  • Suspension: BMR strut mount
  • Exterior: battle aero rear wing, and carbon maverick front lip
  • Wheels: wrapped battle ship grey
  • Wheels: halo front head lamps, and some stock looking rear lamps
  • Performance: pace setter headers and full custom 3" duel exhaust.
  • Performance: Holley terminator with digital dash.
  • Performance: custom return style fuel system with -8an ptfe fuel feed with a 1 to 1 external pressure regulator. fueled by a duel 450L fuel pump module from Hinson.
  • Performance: torque storm super charger.
  • Performance: Generic mishimoto intercooler with full 3 inch piping
  • Performance: ls 3 intake and heads.
  • Performance: ls9 head gasket, and lifters
  • Performance: trick flow cam
  • Performance: BTR duel spring valve springs, push rods, and rocker arms.
  • Performance: Monster 700 touque clutch kit with the tick performance master and slave cylinder.
  • Wheels: Hinson motor mounts with WriteLine transmission and rear differential bushing stiffeners.
  • Performance: Hinson short throw shifter
  • Interior: custom suede headliner
  • Performance: some kind of line lock kit
  • Tires: square set of cooper Zeon rs3-g1, size 245/45R18

Planned Upgrades

  • Wheels: wheel at some point


Cole Brusletten