Building The Dream 2006 s2000 ap1

Post By: Omair Babar

Date: 06/27/2023

The Story

2006 UK spec s2000 (AP1 facelift with f20c). This car is a dream car come true. My first project car has turned into the vision of my ultimate s2000. A car that is being built to bash back roads, fly around the track and break necks on the road. In true Japanese fashion, it does what it does best and does it looking good. Currently the car has the chassis and suspension work fully dialled in and the wide body is nearly complete. The next stages for this dream build is functional aero and interior items before chasing 400hp with a S.O.S supercharger kit (first in the UK). I've done all the install and repair work myself except for the paint and rear arches. I've rebuilt this car 3 times now and I won't let it die till I'm done.

Current Setup

  • Wheels: Carbyne Sprint Custom milled. 18 x 9.5 + 50 and 10.5 + 42
  • Tires: Michelin ps4 rear 275/40/18 and ps5 255/35/18
  • Suspension: Ohlins DFV Coilovers
  • Suspension: Hardrace camber arms front and rear
  • Suspension: Hardrace toe arms
  • Suspension: Power flex polybush lower arms
  • Performance: HKS hi power 409 with custom res
  • Performance: Berk High Flow Cat
  • Performance: HEL Braided Lines
  • Performance: Ballade Sport Intake Arm
  • Exterior: Spoon front wings
  • Exterior: Hand moulded ASM rear arches
  • Exterior: OEM hardtop, front lip and boot spoiler.
  • Exterior: Full custom respray with moon rock grey (original colour) + extra violet in the paint
  • Exterior: Voltex street bumper

Planned Upgrades

  • Wheels: Work Zr10
  • Interior: Recaro Pole Position ABE
  • Interior: Mugen Steering wheel with quick release
  • Interior: Takata Harness into a custom Roll Hoop harness bar
  • Exterior: Voltex Wing and Diffuser
  • Performance: Science of Speed Full Race Supercharger


Omair Babar

Living the JDM dream in east London. Iā€™m building my s2000 with a mix of form and function with priority to driving dynamics and response. I want to build the UK equivalent to a Japanese touge car but take some inspiration from other groups. Such as the drift scene with the idea of looking good while going fast and the cali car scene with some of the style of modifications. The goal is 400 whp with a science of speed supercharger.