2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser (Convertible)

Post By: Matthew Phipps

Date: 10/19/2023

The Story

I drive a 2007 PT Cruiser and I want to tell you that it's been a great car...but that would make me a liar. If you look up "Lemon" in the dictionary you'll find not only a picture of a PT Cruiser, you'll find a picture of MINE SPECIFICALLY. I've spent so much money on repairs I probably could have bought a brand new car (Now that I think of it, there are so many new parts in this car it almost IS a completely new car) Now I know what you're thinking "Matt if it's been that much of a headache why DON'T you get a new car?" and that's because it means too much to me. This used to be my Mom's car, that's right it's a hand me down and I can't let it go no matter how many times it leaves me stranded in a parking lot or how many times I hear "pt loser". It may be a lemon but it's forever going to be MY lemon. If I'm being honest, it's not all rain clouds and tow trucks. I actually really like the body design of the convertible (except for the rear bumper) and it it the most stable, well planted feeling car I've ever driven and I gotta admit it feels pretty good driving something different than what you normally see at meets

Current Setup

  • Wheels: 17\" Motegi Racing MR116
  • Interior: Ditched the Rear Seats and I have my Harness Bar supports rods bolted to their seat brackets instead. Front seats have been replaced with a pair of Chipher Auto brand reclinable bucket seats
  • Performance: Restored the cracked stock airbox giving it a K&N theme complete with K&N badge (and yes it does have the filter). Sawed off the heavy as hell stock muffler(swear that thing was 25lbs of unnecessary weight in the rear) and replaced it with a cheap Evil Energy brand "rice pipe" muffler and I then wrapped the exhaust nearly to the catalytic converter
  • Exterior: 57in Carbon Fiber spoiler, I had to get a little creative to get it bolted on properly. Yeah basically a park bench on the back of my Front Wheel Drive convertible, most people get a good laugh out of it but I have had a few people genuinely angry about it for some odd reason

Planned Upgrades

  • Exterior: currently working on finishing up the trunk lid and getting a new front splitter


Matthew Phipps

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