2007 Mazda RX-8 “Yen”

Post By: Lionel Dsilva

Date: 05/20/2024

The Story

No story. Found the car and the owner, bought it off him - now I just take care of it and keep it on the road.

Current Setup

  • Tires: Continental PureContact LS
  • Wheels: OZ Racing Omnia
  • Suspension: TEIN Flex Z
  • Exterior: Veilside body kit
  • Exterior: Mazdaspeed sideskirts
  • Exterior: APR GTC-200 Wing
  • Performance: Mazdaspeed Intake
  • Performance: RacingBeat Catless Exhaust with Resonator
  • Performance: Air Pump Delete
  • Performance: S2 Starter
  • Performance: NPBoosted LS Coils and Wires
  • Performance: Exedy Stage 1 Clutch and Lightweight Flywheel
  • Performance: Fan Relay Kit

Planned Upgrades

  • Performance: S2 Transmission
  • Performance: Streetported MSP (I told you I have a problem) with RX-7/Ceramic seals


Lionel Dsilva

I have a problem pls help